The Candidate Manual – Campaign Checklist

A beginning checklist based on this manual.

Thinking About Running

□ Ask yourself “why am I wanting to run for office?”
□ Learn what offices are out there
□ Decide if you should be a candidate
□ Assess your chances
□ Evaluate your past campaign(s)
□ Check with your family
□ Make your commitment

Getting Ready to Run

□ Do some networking
□ Let people know
□ Get advice
□ Ask for help
□ Learn the district
□ Set up your finances
□ Get an employer identification number
□ Select a campaign treasurer
□ Open a political bank account
□ File your paperwork
□ Set up your record keeping
□ Sanitize your social media
□ Educate yourself

Planning to Run

□ Build a background portfolio
□ Build a campaign budget
□ Get voter data
□ Build a communications plan
□ Build a field plan
□ Select vendors
□ Hire a staff
□ Hone your message
□ Hone your platform


□ Set your priorities
□ Delegate
□ Build a campaign that motivates
□ Line up volunteers
□ Seek endorsements
□ Raise money
□ Do public appearances
□ Do canvassing
□ Review everything
□ Do your reporting
□ Do oppo research
□ Hone your message and platform some more
□ Get out the vote
□ Allow for mistakes
□ Trust yourself

Finishing Running

□ Go vote, then visit a few polling locations (following the rules) and wait for the results
□ File your final campaign finance reports
□ Write thank-yous to every person on staff, every significant volunteer, and every person who provided substantial assistance
□ Take some time off!

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